Denver Colorado Attorney Michael BlantonAttorney Michael Blanton has devoted his career to representing individuals and families concerning injuries and deaths that have resulted from the negligence of others. In doing so, he brings to the task a unique set of experience and skills that allows him to provide his clients with excellent representation.

Mr. Blanton is a native of Kansas City, Missouri, where he attended law school at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. After graduating with honors, Mr. Blanton clerked with the Missouri Supreme Court before commencing his career as a litigator. Mr. Blanton is licensed to practice law in Colorado, Kansas and Missouri, and he has represented clients in both state and federal courts throughout the United States. Mr. Blanton is a member of the state bar in Colorado, Kansas and Missouri, and he is a member of the bar for the United States Courts of Appeal for the 3rd, 8th, 9th and 10th circuits.

Trial and Appellate Lawyer

Mr. Blanton's practice is unusual in that Mr. Blanton devotes approximately half his time to trial work and half to appellate work. Most trial attorneys rarely handle an appeal. Mr. Blanton has handled more than 50 appeals, in both state and federal courts.In fact, many of the appeals that Mr. Blanton handles are on referral from other attorneys. Thus, he is the attorney that other attorneys look to when they need expertise for an appeal. Given the nature of his practice, Mr. Blanton is able to take into account the potential appellate issues that arise during the course of litigation.

Protecting The Public

Mr. Blanton has represented clients in a wide variety of matters, ranging from individuals who have suffered catastrophic injuries, to class actions on behalf of millions of consumers. In the course of his career, Mr. Blanton has helped his clients recover more than $40,000,000. Mr. Blanton has also been instrumental in forming new law by convincing appellate courts to adopt new rules and standards that protect the interests of injured parties.

Experience and Resources Necessary for Success

Mr. Blanton formed the Blanton Law Firm with the goal of providing his clients the best representation possible by combining his years of experience with the resources necessary to successfully pursue cases. Successful litigation involves not only the efforts of the attorney, but the application of technology, the use of appropriate experts, and the resources necessary to perform appropriate investigation and documentation. Mr. Blanton has the experience to assist in all of these areas, and he has formed relationships through the years with a variety of experts and vendors who can assist him in all aspects of litigation. In short, the Blanton Law Firm provides the experience and resources necessary for success.