Appellate litigation attorney Michael BlantonAn appeal is a completely different process from a trial, and requires a different type of experience.  The appellate process occurs largely on paper, with the attorneys drafting documents call “briefs” that often exceed 100 pages.  The process of preparing briefs is highly technical, with a special set of rules dictating how every step of the process must be handled.  Because of these differences, the knowledge and skills that make a great trial attorney are often of little benefit in an appeal.  For an appeal, you need a lawyer who is well-versed in the appellate rules and who has extensive experience drafting briefs.


State and Federal Court Appeals

Attorney Michael Blanton has extensive experience in appellate litigation.  He began his legal career clerking for the Missouri Supreme Court, and has gone on to handle more than 50 appeals in both state and federal courts throughout the United States.  On a number of occasions Mr. Blanton has succeeded in creating new law that was favorable to his clients, or convincing the courts to change laws that were not favorable to his clients.

Most trial attorneys rarely handle an appeal.  Mr. Blanton devotes approximately half of his practice to appellate work.  In fact, many of the appeals that Mr. Blanton handles are on referral from other attorneys.  Thus, he is the attorney that other attorneys look to when they need assistance for an appeal.

You Need an Experienced Appellate Attorney

Mr. Blanton has handled appeals in a wide variety of areas including auto/truck litigation, business disputes, class actions, consumer protection, divorce and custody litigation, fiduciary litigation, personal injury litigation, probate and trust litigation, professional liability and wrongful death.  He has helped his clients recover tens of millions of dollars on appeal.  He has helped his clients obtain new trials when they obtained a bad result through a prior attorney.

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Mr. Blanton would be happy to confer with you, free of charge, to determine if his appellate experience can be of benefit for your appeal. The Blanton Law Firm serves clients from Evergreen, Conifer, Pine, Bailey, Idaho Springs, Morrison, Golden, the western Denver foothills communities, and throughout the state of Colorado, including Jefferson County, Clear Creek County & Park County, Colorado.  Initial consultations are always free.