Premises Liability Lawyer - Michael BlantonIf you have been injured on property that is owned by another person or business, or on property that you rent, then you may have a premises liability claim.  While the classic premises liability claim is a slip and fall case, premises liability can involve a wide variety of situations including accidents at recreational facilities, accidents in schools or places of business, and accidents that occur while visiting a property as a guest.  Furthermore, premises liability cases can involve many different types of dangerous conditions, such as poor lighting, uneven or crumbling surfaces, poorly designed structures and walkways, poorly maintained equipment (elevators, escalators, etc.) and a lack of appropriate warning signs.

Premises liability actions raise special issues regarding the status of the injured person.  Generally speaking, it is necessary to determine whether the injured person was an invitee, licensee or trespasser in order to properly address the issue of liability.  Premises liability actions also involve special statutes that serve to protect those who are injured as a result of poorly maintained property.  In addition, premises liability actions will frequently involve the application of pertinent building codes and other regulations.

Premises Liability Lawyer

Attorney Michael Blanton has substantial experience with premises liability litigation.  He is familiar with the design and maintenance issues that lead to accidents, and the experts who are needed to address those issues.  He is familiar with the details of premises liability law, and the special statutes, regulations and codes that are involved in premises liability actions.

You Need a Premises Liability Attorney with Insurance Company Experience

Mr. Blanton is also well-versed in dealing with insurance companies.  This is important because premises liability actions commonly involve issues of insurance coverage.  Mr. Blanton spent a portion of his 15 years in practice working for insurance companies, so he understands how insurers view premises liability claims, and he knows how to effectively present those claims to an insurer.

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If you have been injured on property that is owned by another person or business, or on property that you rent, Mr. Blanton would be happy to consult with you, free of charge, to determine if his experience with premises liability litigation might be of benefit.

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